When a client asks you to design their Wedding stationery it’s always a great journey and this one was no exception.

Dandelion Themed wedding Stationery Range - A Lovers Thought from The Bay Attic

The client liked the idea of combining a “Dandelion clock”, with the femininity of their Wedding dress, which as the sun caught the detail encrusted on the bodice and skirt of the dress, hinted at pastel shades of lilac and pink.

Upon more investigation the dandelion is not just a horticultural nightmare, it is a plant that has been used throughout the ages as a tea, a diuretic, a wine, a face pack, and also added to salad and even as a treat for mum’s canary ! but from childhood memories for me, the Dandelion “clock” was associated with legend, as folklore believes that blowing the seeds off the “clock” sends your thoughts and dreams to a loved one.

We felt that using this delicate and romantic idea would work on invitations and could be used to tie together a full range of Wedding stationery and as it turned out, even table decor. We began trying various illustrations & photographs of a Dandelion clock to get a feel for what might work. We then combined the final illustration with a romantic verse and kept the other side of the invite for the Wedding details like the hosts, venue, time, date and all that important stuff. Our client loved the direction we took, and asked for some guidance on how to decorate the tables for their Wedding breakfast incorporating the pastel shades of pink and lilac that had been used on the stationery. Although we are not wedding planners, we suggested introducing a scattering of rose petals or lilac hearts over crisp white table linen, with table centers bursting with luscious pink roses, pink tipped white roses, white daisies, and pink lilies in a display which would convey a relaxed and casual feel.

From this simplistic beginning the concept for the Wedding stationery grew to a range called A Lovers Thought, which included a save the date card, day and evening invitations, thank-you cards all with lilac luster envelopes, menu, order of day, place cards, favour tags and even scrap-book paper !

Take a look at the pictures our client sent to us and allowed us to publish here, or try our testimonial page.

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