Medieval Wedding Theme

This Bride approached the bay attic to create additional table stationery, invitation wording and guest wedding pack to add to their pre-bought Order of Ceremony and Day & Evening invitations. One amazing idea that we loved, was that this client had a book with all her favourite inspirations and ideas for her wedding day. The book had fabric swatches, magazine cut-outs, hymn and verse choices, illustrations and even mock-ups, everything a designer loves to get their teeth into and a brilliant visual style to show just how she wanted her day to be !

The Wedding Breakfast Room
set with some of the stationery we created.

The pre-bought stationery was illuminated with gold foil and based on intricate lettering from the bible dating as far back as the year 1215. The brides Celtic Wedding dress had a boned red velvet bodice, embroidered with gold ribbon, cream chiffon sleeves and matching long flowing chiffon skirt. The wedding venue a castle in Edinburgh in September, and the theme combining these items together – the autumn, harvest-time and the gowns of the medieval age.

Thinking about the many parts to a wedding day, we came up with the idea that the guests were attending a banquet and themed this using flourishing language to compliment the style of the invitations the bride had already bought. Descriptive wording such as “feasting and merriment”, to describe the wedding breakfast, the year of the marriage described as “in the year of our Lord two thousand and seven”, and the bride described as, “faire daughter of “, followed by her parents first names. The event and groom described using wording like “to her betrothed”. All these little touches to help to convey the theme for the wedding, the age of the venue and the fact that the whole ceremony and breakfast would be at the one location.

Since most guests would be travelling a good distance to this wedding the client wanted to enclose travel directions, useful telephone numbers for the area, accommodation rates, local B&B info and taxi details and include bus pick-up points and times. We incorporated this into a folding accompaniment which was put inside the invitations for guests to be able to choose their preferred mode of transport and accommodation.

As for the table decor, the bride and groom wished to included poems and verses as conversational pieces on the tables and have traditional menus and name place cards. We thought this was all too many bits and bobs vying for attention on the tables as (from the brides wedding book) there were to be favours, chocolates and hollowed out limes used as tea lights on the tables as well as floral arrangements. The clients wanted to make the table less cluttered, so we decided to simplify the three items they wanted to add to the table by combining them into one piece of stationery which would then be tied together with two small red roses. This would be in keeping with the theme and the brides dress. We liked this idea a lot and the bride and groom thought it would add something unique to their day and also be great for the guests to take as a keep-sake.

As you can see from the photos and the ones we used as inspiration from the brides wedding book, the table centres during the day were round and the bases covered with thick shiny green leaves then filled with cream, full bloom roses, around the table chocolates wrapped in red & black with the bride and grooms name on the wrapper. The tags we made, were used to hang from bottles of champagne favours and at each table setting the menu place card for guests to read and discuss.

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