The Lighthouse by Raymond Murray

Looking at the weather this morning for the West Coast of Scotland, this painting by Raymond Murray with his bold, vibrant, colourful style and broad brush strokes giving the painting his distinct signature, certainly captures the sentiment of the day, although we at the Bay Attic do believe his painting has more colour in it than the Scottish vista today !

The Lighthouse Giclee Fine Art Print
by Raymond Murray

This atmospheric art print is now also available as:

Murray Prints + Posters | Greeting Cards | Ceramic Mugs and Coasters

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  1. Hi David!
    I am a French painter living in Spain, and was attracted by the title of your entry because… I was in Scottland this summer, driving from Spain to the top of Scottland with my partner (an English Rock musician)… i don´t remember if we were at your place too, but I guess yes! What a wonderful land you have!
    We have a blog relating our trip through Spain, France, England and Scotland, we put an entry with text, photos and sketch regularly,following the steps of our journey… you might enjoy it!
    10 Weeks in a Box.
    Anyway: good luck for your new business!

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