I think my wife is obsessed !

. . . with an artist called Lesley McLaren. My wife loves the latest collection, but until it is uploaded to the web, her daily fix is to look at Lesley’s existing art on the Bay Attic site. But the more she looks, the more she sees and the more she likes. So I asked her to pick three favourites from the BA site and tell us why she likes them.

Blue Noon Giclee Fine Art Print 


This painting to me is so cold, and crisp that I can feel snow under my feet and the air condense my breath as I speak. Evoking all this emotion from just looking at a painting, to me is what art is all about, of course with this painting I may be biased as I love the country side in winter. The detail in the foreground with the tempestuous waves crashing on the shore and the battered fence with the birds, makes the painting all the more real. To me the birds seem so unaffected by the powerful breaking waves.

Rain coming in from the West
Giclee Fine Art Print


Mysterious and moody this painting with clouds angry and threatening rain. What I like best about this painting is the brush strokes in the foreground, they seem to emphasise the glimpse of colour left in the day, before being swallowed by the change in weather.

The Gloaming 


Highland cattle in the twilight. I love the Autumn colours of the landscape and the ruggedness of the cows, with their brown, thick, shaggy coats. The cattle minding their own business as a insignificant hare runs across their field. I don’t think much bothers these regal creatures.

If you wish to see some more of Lesley’s work, visit www.bayattic.co.uk

Open and limited edition prints available in 3 formats as “Print only”,
“Mounted print” and “Mounted & framed”.


  1. My own personal favourite of Lesley’s that you have on the website has to be Gateway to the Sea.

    To me it’s a slient and evocative painting of winter mornings. I can imagine myself coming upon this scene, desperate to squeeze myself through the fence and saunder to the waters edge, but the crows you see, they’ve bet me to it. Booked there place there already (I’ve got a feeling they might have a subscription to the fence) and all I can do is watch and wait until something distracts them and I can head down to where the salty water heals my very essence.

    I look forward to more of her work being posted on your website.
    Keep up the good work and best of luck in your business venture.

  2. Wonderful to know that people like Lesley Mclarnes work so much. She is an inspiring artist who works very hard and I reckon you will see and hear a lot more about Lesley’s work. She will be delighted , as would any artists to know that her work is appreciated. The artists appreciative eye is what creates the image and artists thrive on appreciation themselves. They like feedback – of a positive kind – as we all do.

  3. Great entry and beautiful paintings!

  4. I’m Lesley Mclaren, and came across this site – fabulous comments! It means so much to me. Thank you.

  5. l’d like to purchase 2 of Lesey’s prints currently on view at ocean terminal. How do I do this?
    Anne Porteous

  6. Evening Anne,

    I am glad that you like Lesley’s prints and hope you found the post on our blog interesting.
    Lesley’s prints can be ordered online through the giclee fine art prints section of our website at http://www.bayattic.co.uk.
    We supply them print only, mounted only or fully mounted and framed & our prices include delivery.
    Should you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Kind Regards

    David @ The Bay Attic

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