How do you tell the world about your new arrival, and what do you say to introduce your new bundle of joy ? Well help is at hand. If you are making your own Birth Announcement cards or looking to get some designed, we at the Bay Attic have a few guidelines for you to peruse.

Have you a theme in mind for your Birth Announcement Cards? Perhaps it is a colour that will make the theme. In the UK it is usually, “Pink for a girl and Blue for a boy”, that theme many an announcement card. It could be teddy bears, a rocking horse or even the wording which themes your card.

Another thought could be to include a photograph of your new baby. The photo could be a separate keep-sake for your recipients or you could incorporate the babies photograph into the overall design.

Now a days, there are no definitive rules to creating your announcement cards, although most people will look for information such as:-

  • Babies full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Babies Weight

When a sibling is born it can be a great way to make the brother or sister of the new baby feel really special by letting them announce the arrival of their new family member on the cards.

Wording for the Announcement cards can be as formal or informal as you like. Wording examples can be seen on the cards above – anecdotes about babies and poems are always a great way to add some interest to your Announcement cards, lines such as “Buttons and bows” and “Ten tiny fingers & toes” or “Puffs of powder” and “Bundles of bibs”, the choice is yours.

If you just cannot think what to put on your Birth Announcement cards then have a look at some of our designs.

PLEASE NOTE – we no longer supply invitations.