Tartan Themed Wedding Stationery

The Bride and Groom for this range of Wedding stationery were looking for something simple which would have a connection to their Scottish heritage. We started to look at the influences from the bonnie banks of the Scottish highlands and the colours of the heathers and bracken growing there. When we found out the groom was to wear a kilt we, at the Bay Attic decided to use the colours in the tartan the groom would wear and incorporate this with influences from the hillside heathers. The text throughout would be in a silver colour, since a delicate silvery white stripe was part of the Groom’s tartan.

A whisky Kiss Wedding Stationery Range

The range expanded to include day and evening invitations, order of service and order of day, table place cards, name place cards, menus, reply cards, save the date cards, and thank you notelets.

Although not chosen at this Couple’s Wedding, a traditional Scottish dessert which, incidentally the BA troupe love is Cranachan. A mixture of oatmeal, raspberries and cream – delicious. Have a try for yourself with this tasty recipe !


You will need:-

2 oz or 50g Pinhead Oatmeal

1 oz or 25g Soft brown sugar

½ pt or 300ml Double cream

2 tablespoons of Whisky

3 tablespoons of warmed Honey

Tall glasses for serving and a few extra raspberries for decoration.

Sprinkle the oatmeal in an even layer onto a grill pan lined with foil, then sprinkle the soft brown sugar on top of the pinhead oatmeal.

Place under a medium grill for about 3 to 4 minutes until the sugar starts to carmalise, stir and then place under the grill again until golden brown/toasted. Make sure you do not allow the mixture to burn. Once the oatmeal is toasted remove from grill and leave to cool. When completely cool peel from the foil and break into small pieces.

In a bowl whip the cream until thick and set aside.

Put the raspberries in a bowl and lightly mix with the whisky and warmed honey, set aside.

In a tall glass, layer all the ingredients starting with the pieces of oatmeal, then cream and then raspberries.

Try to make sure the last layer is a layer of cream and top this with a few extra raspberries and serve before the oatmeal becomes soggy.

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  1. Yes this is a great sweet and simple to do. I can recommend it.
    Long time since I have made it. This has put me in the notion.

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