. . . Perthshire Road by John Bathgate.

Most of John’s ideas are gleaned from walking in the landscape recording details in sketchbooks, drawing in pencil and watercolour crayons to give, as Bathgate says a “loose, washy account of my ramblings” .

For me, I could just see myself walking along Perthshire Road after a hectic week at work. Perhaps there is even a wee tea shoppe around the bend where I could sit and savour the landscape with a cream bun and a cuppa ?

John works from his studio on the Isle of Syke and claims, “It’s the quality of light here and the constantly changing weather, I could paint the view from my window a hundred times and each would be different”

If you would like to see more of John’s work visit www.bayattic.co.uk. Open and limited edition prints available in 3 formats as “Print only”, “Mounted print” and “Mounted & framed”.