No matter how young or old you feel, it’s always great to celebrate a Birthday. It doesn’t have to be a special milestone Birthday as there are lots of excuses for a party, birthdays are no exception. Here are a few ideas we have had for invitations with themes in mind.

James Bond Themed Party

Why not dress up as the suave and sophisticated Mr. Bond, or perhaps one of his arch enemies such as Oddjob, Dr. No or that bald man with the white cat ! For the Gals, there is always Vesper Lynd, Pussy Galore, Jinx, “Q”, Miss Money Penny or “M”. Set the scene with guests arriving to Bond HQ or use a theme from one of the films like Casino Royale. Here’s an invitation to make your party go with a bang !

1960’s Themed Party

Most people still have something from the 60’s in their wardrobe (then again perhaps that’s just some of us here at the Bay Attic !) Anyway, Austin Powers did wonders for envigorating this era. Get those flares and platforms dusted down and wear them to a psychedelic birthday bash, find the face paints and buy in some Daises to aid your flower power. Let’s get the grooves to go with the theme, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Dusty Springfield, The Beatles, Pink Floyd or even Tom Waits. (a BA favourite) All you need now are the invites, have a look at our groovy camper van design.

General Party Invites

If you fancy a different style of invitation for your soiree, then here’s some other thoughts we have had and are available from the website. We can add your chosen wording such as name, event, date, time, location etc., to create your special invitation for your day.

PLEASE NOTE : we no longer supply invitations