Christmas is Pantomime Season, “Ooh, No it isn’t – Ooh, Yes it is !” Here’s the best excuse ever to have a party with a theme you would not forget !Remember those matinée performances at the theatre when you were a child ? Babes in the Wood, Puss in Boots, Mother Goose, Aladdin, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Beanstalk to name only a few. The raucous of audience participation and being in the midst of shouting, as loud as you could “Boo” and “Hiss”, when the villain appeared on stage and the singing of songs like, “Ye canny throw yur Granny aff a bus”, in competition with the folks in the stalls, or circle ?

Why not have a giggle and become a Pantomime Dame such as Widow Twankey or Dame Trott ? How about dressing up as the Principal Boy (usually a girl) like handsome Prince Charming ? Or be a faithful side-kick like Wishy Washy or Buttons. Then again you may want to be the villain so everyone can shout, “It’s Behind you !”.

As for party games, there is always a custard pie fight in a Panto, or someone getting covered in gunge, so you could make pretend custard pies from shaving foam or squirty cream (presuming no-one is allergic) What about an obstacle race with jelly on a spoon instead of an egg ?

With outrageous costumes just about anything goes for a Panto theme as long as its got lots of slapstick, comedy and signing !

Here are a few venues staging Panto this year.