Our featured Artist today is Malindy Argyle.

Since 1994 Malindy has been painting on a full time basis using her surroundings, Inverness and the Scottish Highland’s as her inspiration. She is renowned for her techniques using watercolours, and her watercolour classes are always in demand. Malindy’s talents have also extended to designing for a ceramics company.

Malindy says about her art:

“It is my privilege as an artist to paint nature in all its glory. In this difficult and rewarding challenge I find joy and fulfillment. It is, however, in the knowledge that other people are appreciating the wonder of nature through my art, where I find the greatest joy of all. Be it landscape, wildlife, tree or flower, my love of vibrant colour in nature’s infinite beauty will keep me inspired for a lifetime.”



In 2000 Malindy moved to the Isle of Wight and this change also influenced her work. She began to use more vibrant colours in her work, especially her flower paintings. Healings Art approached Malindy in 2002 to paint 22 Island scenes for St Mary’s Hospital, I.O.W.