It’s one of those days when I feel invaded by a “flat attack”*. The weather outside is abysmal, fine wet rain constantly venting it’s anger on the flagstones with the wind helping drive it along and it’s dark. It’s been dark since early light, like the worlds not woken up yet. The weather’s so bad everyone remains in the cosy warmth of their home, or then perhaps that’s just me ? Anyway to cheer me up, my wife has done the usual and rescued me from the “flat attack” with tea and fudge doughnuts, the ones from Auld’s are the best and always more than one.

She has also been looking at the Rikki O’Neill prints and I have to admit, they bring a longing for a bit more colour to the day.

So tell me wife, “What do you like about this particular print ?”

“This print for me has such a fresh, youthful, vibrancy, it has a legacy to childhood memories and cherished illustrated books read at bedtime, a warming effect as it makes me smile when I look at it, the cows are even smiling back . Lively and full of life just like the countryside. I could see this print in many a room of a house, as a canvas box print in a kitchen or kids playroom, a framed and mounted print in a living room above a fire place. Rikki has caught a moment in time, which is no doubt individual to us all.”


*Flat Attack : One of those days when you canny get out your own road, everything takes ages and when you decide to do something, you go about it sighing with heavy shoulders.