Lesley McLaren Giclee Fine Art Prints

We are so excited, they are finally here !

And if you have been following this blog you will now understand why my wife was so obsessed, aren’t they fantastic ? So, why not search the attic and see what else is new !

boats-in-shallow-water-giclee-fine-art-print-by-lesley-mclaren.gif blackies-under-a-moon-giclee-fine-art-print-by-lesley-mclaren.gif harvest-moon-giclee-fine-art-print-by-lesley-mclaren.gif red-deer-and-pines-giclee-fine-art-print-by-lesley-mclaren.gif lochside-giclee-fine-art-print-by-lesley-mclaren.gif four-friends-giclee-fine-art-print-by-lesley-mclaren.gif


  1. Hi Lesley,

    I absolutely love your work. You have a very unique style and I enjoyed viewing your artwork and spending time on your blog.

    All the best!

    – Ralph

  2. Hi Ralph,

    Thanks for your comments, I will pass them on to Lesley, as I only supply her work as prints for now, although soon launching mugs and calendars, with her distinctive style.

    Thanks for your interest, and great to hear you like the BA Blog, keep searching the attic !

    With my best wishes,

    David @ the bay attic

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