It’s one of those moments when you know someone is looking over your shoulder, you try to concentrate on what you are doing but the watching always leads to a comment of some sort.

To set the scene, I have been working on the new images to upload to the site from our artists, and as I work, time passes between the habitual cups of tea brought by the wife, which leads to a short interjection as she enters with the tea, or exits with the empty cup, about whatever I am uploading, re-sizing, writing or trying to find at the time. ( Mental note to self, keep desk more tidy as the wife always knows where my stuff is and I don’t !).

She says, “Who’s work are those ?”, as she glances at the PC screen and then at me and then back again. Then she pauses and waits for me to answer.I know that if I wait, she will continue.

“They are so very different in style, but for me they are quite similar”, she continues. “Yes, sorry. I know, I said I wouldn’t disturb you”.

I smile to myself, still sitting at the PC with my back to her. She is one of those people who really only says something when she has got something to say, and that something is, although I hate to admit it, usually right, imaginative, informative or just plain daft !

“They are by an artist called Edwin”, I reply.

“Tell me wife”, I say, and not for the first time. “What is it that you like about them ?”.

White Barns
by Edwin


“Solitude, still, quiet. The barn doesn’t seem to be a million miles from civilisation, yet the view point makes it seem remote. I can picture myself sitting in the field with this viewpoint, enjoying the colours that surround me and the whispering of a slight breeze through the corn crop and sipping a chilled glass of wine”.

by Edwin


“This scene for some reason reminds me of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, very few trees on the island so the wind batters the landscape. The energy in this print reminds me of a few November days on the island when I was a teenager. The colours reminiscent for the time of year.”

“And what is the similarity between them ?”, I ask curiosity getting the better of me.

“Same subject matter and palette, just different feelings in the style or painting”.

So if you fancy having a conversational piece in your home, search the attic for more of Edwins and our other artists prints.