Graduation Invitations for Balls, Leaving Parties and Proms

Having a celebration once you have finished studying is a great way to let your hair down and pat yourself on the back for a job well done !

Graduation Balls are becoming more common place in the UK and many Primary and Secondary schools now have “Leaving Parties”,  “Graduation Balls” or  “Proms”,   for their P7’s or Sixth year pupils leaving to go to High School, College or University, instead of only celebrating when kids graduate from College or University.

As long as the party details such as venue, time, date and dress code (if any) are on the invite, friends, family and colleagues will no doubt attend ! What we have found over the years is that the style of the invite is more to do with the graduates favourite colour, theme, favourite film, pop culture or University colours than following any formal rules for wording or layout.


Popular themes and graphics for Graduation invites are usually pictures of the mortar and gown and scroll. For more information try our Graduation blogspot article , or some Graduation Wording ideas here.


  1. like your invite wording on your blogspot blog too ! I like this one best:
    It may have taken what seemed like years
    Simone’s career now nears.
    She graduates with an HND from
    James Watt College finally.
    It’s off to Uni. in September
    So let’s all celebrate something to remember !
    Come and celebrate with Simone on
    (date, time, venue etc, would then follow here)

  2. Hi G2, we have now added a link to the Graduation blogspot article as well. Thanks for all your great comments ! David.

  3. Yes, its something good thats happening. The kids can know have a taste of their graduation day quite early.

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