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We spent a few days in Edinburgh, the wife and I. And it was a very pleasant few days with family and friends. We visited the Museum of Childhood on the Royal Mile, somewhere I had not visited since I was young. It brought back many memories, and some new insight, as I was now of an age to have enough patience to read all the information supplied about the items on display and not just run around from exhibit to exhibit shouting, “Look at that !” or “What is that ?”.

So, if you are in the Edinburgh neighbourhood please visit the Museum, it’s great fun and children are welcome to play with replica toys of a past era.

 Edinburgh from Calton Hill Art Poster by Peter McDermott from The Bay Attic

Walking around the City and towards Princes Street, we also viewed some inspiring works at The Royal Scottish Academy. The Exhibition was from various Societies of Scottish Art, such as the RSW, VSA and SSA.

We liked a few of the more quirky displays such as a Periodic table painted to resemble a Snakes and Ladders Game, “Thinking Nut’s”, (Well, since my memory isn’t that great – I canny remember if that was the actual name of the piece or just what we called it !) Walnut shells with minute brass hinges, opened, inside each walnut – not nuts, but the human brain ! Disgarded painting pallets (from school art classes and the likes, one would presume) covered in paint, colours mixed, pallets grouped together and hung on display. A fantastic textural, 3D vista of light, shadow and colour.

We also loved the work of Jackie Anderson. A series of her paintings from her Scholarship in Trinidad and Tobago. Her paintings on cotton are on show from 14th March – 20th April 2008. A must see if you are in Edinburgh ! and also a rather beautiful landscape from artist Charles Anderson.


  1. Hi

    I liked your review. I guess you hadn’t heard about walk talk tours as they have two in Edinburgh which you can download to your MP3 player. Ideal for the independent traveller who wants to discover the city.

    They’ve also got them in London and York so why not take a look at http://walktalktour.com.

  2. What a brilliant idea guys !

  3. Pleased you like it.

    We’d love it if you tell your friends.

    PS Really like some of your images – they have atmosphere.

  4. I am so glad to learn about Charles Anderson´s paintings, they are just wonderful!

  5. thanks for the tip. I’d be interested in checking out the Royal Scottish Academy someday.

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