Fresh home-made bread

Isn’t it funny how the aroma of certain things can trigger a memory or thought ?

Well, the Wife made fresh bread this morning and boy oh, boy was it good ! The smell, the taste, the butter, delicious. I am told the bread was a basic white loaf enriched with egg. Why on earth had she not done this before ?

The aroma reminded me of far away places and warmer climbs.

Trattoria Tension Art Print by Mairi Aitken

The Wife tells me of the fantastic cafes and restaurants in her travels that she visited over the years, a senses delight. Whereas for me, the fresh baked smell took me to a street cafe in the early morning, perhaps just a romantic notion – I know – in reality, more like walking past the local bakers in the morning.

The Bread Recipe

(for a Kenwood Rapid Bake Bread Machine page 23/24 of the Instruction/Recipe
book that comes with the machine).


  1. What I have found out since Lunchtime is that the next endeavour will be rolls, The dough made using the bread machine and then shaped and sprinkled with poppy seads ready to bake in the oven. Delicious served with some of our Bay Attic Broth
    – can’t wait !

  2. With this enthusiastic and illustrated description of fresh bread, the smell has reached Denmark, and I will try out your recipe. The Rapid Bake Bread Machine in this house is myself, therefor I need some stone age information; a oven temperature and a baking time.
    Looking forward to taste it.

  3. Hi Brigitte, I am told that once you have mixed all the ingredients together, knead well for 10 minutes by hand, then shape as required and put dough into a greased baking tin. Cover, and leave till the dough has doubled in size. Uncover and then bake in a pre-heated oven for 35 minutes. 230C / 450F / Gas Mark 8. Enjoy !

  4. domesticscene

    1st June 2009 at 2:37 am

    aha! I myself have just resurrected the bread maker from its 4 year hibernation. we had a basic white loaf this morning. my husband used to bag up the dry ingredients so that it was super easy to toss together and flick on… i hope he too will resurrect this tradition. I really am wondering why we put it away for long, but i also faintly recall getting sick of home made bread and hankering for store-bought bread as a treat!

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