U-turn and we love “Hugh”

Perhaps being delayed by traffic is not always as bad as you think ? Luckily we were able to U-turn and find a single track road to reach our destination. Travelling via moor, marsh, waterfall, cattle grid, sudden drop(s) and sheep meandering the road. You know the scenario – the type of road that is glorious in the Summer months and treacherous in the Winter, the type of road that takes you a million miles away in just 10 minutes . . . and simply a road we had not used in a long time.

Blackie Ewe Giclee fine Art Print by Lesley McLaren

Blackies on Moorland Giclee fine Art Print By Lesley McLaren

There were certainly many sheep with lambs as we gazed at the scenery, and since it was most likely prohibative that we brought a “real” sheep home or took photos (the road had gotten rather busy due to others following our lead – well that’s what we liked to think !!) we discussed the adventure when we got home (with our young travellers who had also been in the car with us) using some of Lesley McLarens images and a rather cute little chap we found called Hugh. 

Hugh the Sheep by Aileen Clark Crafts

Hugh was created by Aileen Clarke and her talent fusing fibres and fabrics to create delightful Scottish scenes and use of colour, is something we like and thought it well worth a look ! Particular favourites of ours are “Hugh” the sheep and “Pretty Birdie“.

Etsy is also a great place to find creative people. A fabulous resource, one which we could trawl for hours, finding amazing creations, and a great source of inspiration. Try searching the group Handmade in Scotland and see just what creativeness is on offer.


  1. It’s lovely to find this site!
    I’m smiling reading this, I live near Inverness and know many roads like the one you describe!
    : )

  2. Hugh is very cute 🙂

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