Taking a trip down memory lane, well perhaps not quite for me ! I had a day trip to Bo’ness recently to take family and 2 excited young travellers to see Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. The weather pleasant, the setting west of Edinburgh to the home of the Scottish Railway Preservation Society and the Bo’ness and Kinneal Railway.

The highlight of the day was a trip along the railway line from Bo’ness to Birkhill. This preserved distance of rail-track runs alongside the Firth of Forth and at a leisurely pace we all keeked through the windows at the river views from a carriage that was like something out of an Agatha Christie novel.

This slowed pace was such a change from our normal hustle and bustle, busy lives. I felt that you actually took note of your surroundings and watched the world meander by. I began to wonder why we all rush, like there is no tomorrow. Sometimes you just need to slow down and appreciate what’s in front of you.

Simply watching the rest of my family and their antics was hilarious. All of us like big kids in a sweetie shop, eyes wide, transfixed to see what was round the next corner or who could spot Thomas or Mavis or The Fat Controller.

The young travellers shouting “Look at this”, and “Did you see that”, and of course “Look it’s Thomas !”. When we reached Birkhill Station, the travellers enjoyed getting their faces painted in the colour of their favourite train and then assorted rides at the carnival. The older “kids” (Me included) got to go and investigate the old fireclay mines.

Being outside always gives me an appetite and that evening we had a BBQ in the garden. So if you need no encouragement and are planning on enjoying a few hours outside then why not invite a few friends and family round and catch-up with some BBQ favourites. Or you can check out our range of party invitations here.

Summer BBQ Invitation