I have just been sent an email with some info. about an event for next year starting on January 25th and lasting until November 30th 2009. The event is called Homecoming Scotland 2009, and from what I read, “whether your a Scot, of Scottish descent, or simply love Scotland your invited !”, says the official website.

The event, apart from starting on Scottish poet Robert Burn’s 250th Birthday will celebrate “some of Scotland’s great contributions to the world. Burns himself, whisky, golf, great minds and innovations, and of course, our rich culture and heritage.” says the website.

The umbrella of “homecoming Scotland”  wants to reach all over the globe to Scots, their descendants and folks who just love Scotland to come home in 2009.

So, I’ve just had a look at the Events Guide and it looks to me like a fantastic experience. Reading the guide also makes me realise how much History there is around us, just a few miles down the coast from here, is the home of Robert Burns – and when did I last visit it ? I see there is an event in Kirkintilloch celebrating the Forth and Clyde Canal, much work has been done restoring it over the years and I ain’t stopped to visit. The Cowal Gathering in August, which I think to me is better known as the Cowal Highland Games, since it is just across the water from us, ain’t been there in a while either. My goodness I almost feel like a tourist in me own neighbourhood !

Why not check out the event’s guide and the website for yourself, there is also a bbc news article with more information about the event, and see if you too can feel like a tourist in your own back yard !