Miki’s Exhibition, Spain 2008

Perhaps, this may sound strange since it may appear that we are a commercial based duo at The Bay Attic, but as we always say “it’s nice to be nice !”, and since we love creativeness, it’s always great to comment on talent.

When you admire someones work or comment on their posts through blogging you may, if your lucky, gain an aquaintance or a new friend but certainly not work . . . or so we thought.

So, it was a wonderful compliment to be able to help Miki reproduce some of her Fantascape work, which at that time were purely in a digital format. We also made a giclee from one of her bullfight paintings and created some promotional postcards of her work as give-a-ways to be left at the exhibition.

Miki being photographed on her Exhibition Opening.

” I just came back from the culture centre where I put the 4 fantascapes on the wall, with a short description of the creation process and the possibility to get prints, to start with in the both sizes I exhibit there. I also put the postcards on the entrance desk, they look gorgeous, and the visitors who were there at the same time as me all said how wonderful they are. So, thanks again for the great work, David. I send you attached some of the photos I did for you, perhaps you will enjoy to see “your work” hanging on the walls of a culture centre in the south of Spain ! “

So here’s to you Miki,  we wish you every success with your new exhibitions. You can find out more about Miki’s exhibition on her blog at Mikaboom.wordpress.com

Miki’s Fantascape Prints.

The Bullfight Room.

Miki on Flickr

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  1. How nice to see myself in the Bay Attic, and how kind of you to make this lovely post about me. Thank you so much!
    Everybody here loves your prints, for most of the people here it is a discovery, as it was for myself. People can’t believe that these are “only” prints, they look spectacular, 3-dimensional even!

    I want to tell to everybody here that it is a deep pleasure to work with The Bay Attic People , that they make a wonderfu7l work and that I am looking forward with much excitement to our future work together!

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