Cloves, Cinnamon, Mulled Wine, Rum, Whisky, Mince pies, Xmas pudding. All these mouth-watering goodies and tastes come alive when certain smells trigger memories. We have had a few trips down memory lane while making these “smelly” decorations for Christmas !


  • Cloves (whole).
    Approx 50 per orange depending on size.
  • Cinnamon Sticks.
    One for each orange.
  • Small Oranges, Tangerines, Clementines or similar citrus fruit.
  • Ribbon/String.
  1. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to tie round the orange and have a little left over to tie into a loop for hanging. Place the orange in the middle of the ribbon you have cut and then tie the ribbon round the orange as if you were gift wrapping it. Once wrapped with ribbon, the orange will look as thought it has been divided into 4 sections or quarters.
  2. Take a cinnamon stick and place on top of the orange and between the leftover ends of ribbon. Tie the ribbon to secure the cinnamon stick on top of the orange, and then either tie the remaining ribbon into a bow for decoration or tie together to create a loop for hanging.
  3. Take your cloves and push one by one into the sectioned areas or quarters of the orange. Place the cloves as you wish to create lines or patterns in each section/quarter of the orange. Do not place the cloves too close together or the orange skin will split and not hold the cloves securley.
  4. Once you have added enough cloves to your orange your decoration is ready to hang or sit as an aromatic decoration for Christmas.