Being wrapped up warm with hat, gloves and furry boots and in the snow – what more could one ask for ? Well,  many a person doesn’t always appreciate the snow in Scotland, but this is perhaps due to age and the “state of the pavements and roads”, as my Granny used to say !

For me, working and travelling in the snow can hinder your plans for the day (or longer), but you just gotta go with the flow. Either  stay at home and keep safe and warm and watch the snow transform the ground and have a little patience and understanding or get kitted out and sensibly respect the weather and enjoy it ! There is no point in battling with Mother nature, she’s been here much longer than we have and has much more experience with the weather than any of us ! Then again perhaps if we on the West coast were used to the snow like our neighbours across the pond (and didn’t have the gulf stream to warm our shores) then we would be more used to seeing “feet” of snow than inches !

And so, perhaps in a whim of Dickensian nostalga, we decided to enjoy our snowy weather and took a trip to Callendar with family. How exciting it was to be in a street to shop and not a glass greenhoused shopping mall stacked with shops. We were out in the icy wind and shopping – and we even enjoyed a pub lunch sitting next to a roaring log fire !

There’s a fantastic Christmas shop, where you can loose yourself in Christmas at any time of the year. It’s bursting with festive smells, decorations, baubles and wind up torches in the shape of Santa Clause. There are outdoor shops clad with everything from socks to boots to furry hats and handbags, eateries, restaurants, and most important very friendly staff and folks !


The only down side is that the battery was flat in the camera, so I cannot show you the Main Street or Ancaster Square at night with the twinkling decorations and the multi coloured lit trees, glistening in the dark outside the Rob Roy Tourist Information Centre.

There is certainly much more to do and see for many another visit !