Toros | Bullfight

Miki has painted some energy charged, vivid and vibrant peices  in the form of the Bullfight. Many of which were created  for a 2009 and 2010 Calendar. Although open to discussion, you cannot deny the historical passion, culture and artistry of the paintings. The brush strokes, the colours, the display in Miki’s Toro’s.


  1. Thank you very much for this beautiful homage, Elaine and David!
    Your greeting cards are exactly the frame I want and need for the serialisation of my bullfight paintings. I am so glad to have met you!
    I have already some orders for the greeting cards, for both sorts (I mean the normal series, like above, but also the Toroscapes series too), so we must work on the back page now… I will keep the text behind as it is now for the UK, but i will add the Spanish translation…
    Thanks again, and best luck for the Fair!

  2. As a contemporary artist living in the Canary Islands (Spain) I must say I really like these paintings on cards. They are very vibrant and really capture the essence of the bullfighting. I wish you all the best for your artistic future.

  3. Thank you Miki, it’s always great to get feedback and even better when we get it from the artist ! D + E

  4. Hi Anna, Miki will be pleased. Thanks for stopping by !

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