It’s been a fantastic, but hectic time over the past few days, at Scotland’s Spring Fair 2009, but amongst the enquiries and orders, it’s always enlightening to get feedback from a wider audience, a good blether and find out what your prospective customers want and be able to show them what you can do.

fab-awardNew inspiration has certainly been at the forefront of the 3 day fair with a fantastic array of talent and ideas. Elaine and I had a walk-about and it was exciting to see the fresh creativity emerge amidst the seasoned pros and the old faithfuls. It was also great to be able to put faces to products and names instead of photos, emails and notes.

So, here are three of the exhibitors we thought you should meet, if you ain’t heard of them already. So spread the word, check out their fab designs and wish them even more success !

Mogwaii a.k.a. Sarah Campbell. Her unmistakably unique tweed characters we had already admired on Flicker, so it was even better to see them in actuality and also her lampshades and cushions – very chic.

Another not to be missed stand – the work of Lynn from My Baboo. “A collection of contemporary design with a modern twist”, is how she describes her wool creations on her blog and how true. We couldn’t help but notice (since we love our cuppas) her “glakit” sheep tea cosies and acrobatic sheep, as well as her knitting kits which would make a great gift to yourself or if your not a knitter, perhaps mail your knitting kit as a gift with an envelope from  Giftelope-boutique gift envelopes, no need for sellotape or scissors.  Just pop your gift in one of their colourfully printed envelopes and post. They have at least four collections of envelope to choose from, check their site for more details and add the ‘wow factor’ to your gift.

The one area of the show I did not have a chance to see was the food hall, not that I would necessarily be buying anything for the site that was food related, but you just never know and perhaps this was to be the best, since there would be temptation with free tastings on offer, or perhaps that was just wishful thinking !