Did you ever play this game on the blackboard at school when it was a wet interval and you couldn’t get out to play in the school yard ? Well, perhaps I am giving away my age, but here are some cards based on the “hangman game”, we used to play when we were kids.

The answer is on the front of the card with letters missing, all you need to do is guess what letters are missing. With each incorrect guess, you start to draw the chalk hangman, with each correct guessed letter, add the letter in the space you believe appropriate to reveal the answer.

There are various themes to choose from including Congratulations, Music, Film, and Happy Birthday.



Coming soon a mug with a question, can you guess the answer ?
Based on our “Hangman Greeting Cards” –
available as an individual mug, set of 4 of the same design or mixed set of 4 mugs.