At the end of January I was lucky enough to attend a cello concert by Peter Gregson at the Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh.

My use of language will probably not do justice to the experience, for it was an emotional and immersive one. Incredibly talented in his craft, the use of what a non musical person like myself would say, was that the sound resonating from Peter’s wooden cello, which in my eyes was exquisitely beautiful, had a distinctively different emotive effect compared to when he played his electric cello. For me, the incredibly modern electric cello added a new dimension to the concert. The sound and style of the electric cello orchestrated with the use of technology in the form of a laptop, used to mix and synthesise sound to a back beat, the two then combined with word projections on the white gallery wall, created somewhat of an exuberant symbiosis. A jubilant relationship between “old and new”. Taking the theme of “new” to incorporate President Barack Obama and his inauguration speech to feature through one recital. Certainly an evening to remember ! 

Electric Cello


The Cellist


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