Working on the coast and having a sea-view means that you never stroll far from water and watercraft. Hence today’s post influenced by coastlines, the sea and boats. Four coastal scenes from McLaren, Murray, Edwin and O’Neill.

Four very different emotive works featuring the shoreline and boats. Perhaps influenced by their surroundings, or from a past memory or day trip. These four prints capture the coastal waters in their own unique style.  From working harbour and fishing boats to Clyde tugs and peaceful yacht havens.

A selection of  work centered on a watery theme.

Search the attic . . . . you never know what you might find !

Reflection Giclee Fine Art Print
by Rikki O’Neill


Beached Giclee Fine Art Print
by Edwin


By the Customs House Giclee Fine Art Print
by Raymond Murray


Boats at Dawn Giclee Fine Art Print
by Lesley McLaren


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