What was it like this morning when you woke up ? Was there snow ?


Well, all I could see was the snow across the River on the mountains this morning, very beautiful, but alas none about my abode. I should have known better because as unpredictable as the Scottish weather is, I drove for 5 minutes on the way to a meeting and was surrounded by white fluffy snow. This afternoon we have glorious sunshine, melting the snow and crocuses in neighbours gardens glistening as the snow melts. Scotland four seasons in one day !

Featured today is Roag in Snow by John Bathgate.

Most of John’s ideas are gleaned from walking in the landscape recording details in sketchbooks, drawing in pencil and watercolour crayons to give a “loose, washy account of my ramblings”.   It may be a panoramic view, or a cluster of trees and houses, often it is smaller details like drystone dykes or a tangle of seaweed on rocks.  Back in the studio he can concentrate on the paintings without the difficulty of the elements, a necessity in a highland environment.  On occasions some images arrive on their own with no preliminary drawings or at times when an accumulation of work starts a flow of ideas.  As he says himself, “I like to have an open mind and try any new ideas that come my way, I am always learning”

Roag in Snow is a signed limited edition print run of 195. Size 230mm x 215mm

All our prints are produced on heavyweight mould made pH neutral etching paper. The inks used are archival quality pigment inks.