We love Cooliris

Elaine and I had great fun with this new gizmo called Cooliris. It’s a plug-in for the web, iphone, and your computer.

From what we have read so far,  you can browse photos and video on the web, if the site supports Cooliris, it works with sites like facebook and Picassa.

Once you have downloaded the plug-in you can easily navigate your way to a viewing experience which is totally interactive and great fun !

Don’t just take our word for it, find out more for yourself  now, but just remember you may get side tracked for a few hours ‘cos we did !

Once the plug-in is installed click on the Cooliris icon to activate.


Here it comes !


Zoom in.


Zoom Out.


Browse the Wall.


Explore the Wall.


The images appear before your eyes as you travel.



  1. I like Cooliris but I just don’t go on Flickr and other pic. sites that much.

  2. Thanks for your comments kriskuz01. Yep, it’s certainly very handy for browsing lot’s of things not just Flickr.

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