Get the grey matter firing with these fun calendars featuring questions on topics such as film, tv and music.  The calendars are based on the game “Hangman”, which was a favourite UK school game using the teachers chalk and blackboard when we were at school. You may have know this game by a different name ?


  • For example, the class would be split into two teams. One team would use the chalk and blackboard, the other would work out the answers.
  • The team with the chalk and the blackboard would think of a word, film, tv programme of song and represent the chosen word with underscores on the blackboard.
  • The other team would then random guess a letter of the alphabet.
  • If this letter appeared in the word, it would be written in the correct place on the underscore, if the letter was incorrect the beginnings on “hangman” would be drawn.
  • If the word was not completed before the “hangman” was fully drawn, one team would lose.
  • Once a team had reached 5 correct answers, they would swap and give the other team a chance at guessing/drawing the words.


Depending on which calendar you choose you can have a word to guess every month relating to film, tv or music. The calendars have a blackboard coloured effect background and chalk dust spatters, so you can still write your important dates where needed, and guess the word from the clue question at the top of each monthly page.

So when you look at the calendar with you morning coffee you can do some brain training without the DS for a change !


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