We read a tweet by Muckypuddle and decided to check out graze as well. Would you like to try this interesting nutritional postal package ? Graze supply nutritional food delivered by post to your work or home. Nothing new about that you may ask. Well, with graze you can choose a box of delicious snacks from a wide selection of goodies like fresh fruit, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, and savoury snacks at the touch of a button. Their site is informative, easy to navigate and is friendly on the eye. Take a peek at the site and see, but before you do, here’s our graze experience. The graze box was duly admired and then carnivorously eaten . . .  yummy, yum yum !

We were immediately taken by the fantastic packaging of the product.
The box is sturdy and very tactile, with reverse embossing, nice stylish touch. 

graze is here

Oooh ! . . . . Let’s see what’s inside ?
We ordered the graze eat well box, which came with Grapes,
Apple Strudel (a mix of dried apple, cranberries and apricots)
and lemon salted almonds.
Like the information on the inside of the box too ! 


Neatly packaged.
Everything has it’s place ! 

graze box

Tah – da !

separate compartments

Look inside and underneath a handy napkin can be found !


As well as an easy to use and informative website,
to get your hunger pangs quashed for just £2.99.
Must be better than a muffin and a black coffee at the office ?