This May our range of Lesley McLaren mugs has grown. Now more fabulous decorative ceramic gift mugs featuring the art of Lesley McLaren are on-line. Choose from beautiful Scottish countryside scenes, to belted-galloway’s by the Loch or a picturesque wee ‘but-n-ben’ nested in the hillside. The choice is yours ! Here’s some that caught the wife’s eye.

Autumn Sailing Ceramic Gift Mug
by Lesley McLaren

autumn sailing gift mug

“I love the way Lesley paints gates and Hawthorns, so characteristic and true.”

Blackies under the Morning Moon
Ceramic Gift Mug by Lesley McLaren

blackies under the morning moon

“This mug I like because it’s very typical of our area, take a road off the beaten track
and this is what you will find – sheep crossing !”

Wading in the Burn Art Mug
by Lesley McLaren

wading in the burn

“Wading in the burn – I really like this mug, it’s the colours,
the blue and aqua greens. I suppose almost that duck-egg
blue colour that’s very popular at the minute.
It’s fresh and homely, just the way a mug should be !”