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Today many of our new mug designs are on-line. We have mug designs for Scottish Mugs, art mugs from Colin Robertson and Peter Foyle . Personally, the Foyle Mugs are one of my favourite ranges. I love the Crinan mugs – Crinan morning and Crinan light, the wife prefers Blue shadows. Why not take a look for yourself and see which ones you prefer ?

Crinan Light Ceramic Mug
by Peter Foyle

Crinan Light by Peter Foyle

Blue Shadows Ceramic Gift Mug
by Peter Foyle

Blue Shadows Ceramic Mug by Peter foyle


The Peter Foyle range includes Scottish scenes, as well as images of Glasgow, Portencross, and Tarbert. These images are also available as Greeting Cards. So go on, search the Attic you never know what you might find !

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  1. these are one of the best mugs I have ever seen!!

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