If you are looJBridgland Photoking for something a little special take a look at selected images from original pieces of work by Judith Bridgland, now available as a 2010 slimline calendar.

Judith’s 2010 Calendar is based on the handy slimline calendar format which features 14 leaves, consisting of a front and back cover and twelve inner leaves, one for each month of the year.

Below each image is space for you to write those important dates to remember !

The images throughout the calendar are faithfully reproduced from the artists original painting.

Since graduating from Glasgow University in 1984 with a M. A. (Hons)  in History of Fine Art and English Literature, she has undertaken numerous one person shows, exhibitions and commissions and has been described in a recent article in the Glasgow University Mag. Avenue as, “one of Scotland’s foremost contemporary artists.”


Find out more about Judith.
August issue of Artists and Illustrators Magazine feature entitled ‘ Celebrating Scottish Art ‘. or see  Judith I Bridgland.

See Judith’s work.
02 August – Summer Show, McEwan Galley, Ballater

Poppies and Nettles

July Scene “Poppies and Nettles”, from 2010 Judith I Bridgland Calendar