A selection of yacht and boats came to mind today. Perhaps because of the Queen Mary 2 visit earlier in the week, this is why I have been drawn to these prints by Lin Pattullo, Robert Kelsey, Daivd Morrison and Jean Feeney. Here we have four very different interpretations of sea-fairing craft.

Bright Boat, Plockton Giclee Fine Art Print
by Lin Pattullo


Fishing Boat, Oban Giclee Fine Art Print
by David Morrison

Fishing Boat Oban FA dAVID mORRISON

Chugging Along Giclee Fine Art Print
by Jean Feeney

Chuggin Along JEAN FEENEY

Geese on the sands of Morar Giclee Fine Art Print
by Robert Kelsey

Geese on the White Sands of Morar ROBERT kELSEY

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