This print reminded me of sitting by the sea at the Kyrenia Beach Restaurant in Avdimou, Cyprus earlier in the year. Having lunch, people watching and generally letting the World pass by. I don’t think this print is of Cyprus, it’s just the bright sunshine and the relaxed expectation of the vista that reminds me of my lazy day at the beach cafe.

Cafe Society Giclee Fine Art Print
by Lin Pattullo


Coincidently, I received an email from Cyprus today, and surprisingly they were having their first torrent of thunder and rain, in recent months !

The correspondence also brought to mind the day I visited the Carob Museum in Anoyira. This area of Cyprus is famous for Carob trees, some trees are at least 150 years old.

The Curator/Owner of the museum demonstrated how the Carobs were harvested and turned into Carob syrup, and Pastelli or Carob toffee, in the traditional way, as her father had made.

The Pastelli is made by boiling the carob pods in water in a large pot called a Hartchi, this takes a considerable amount of time, eventually the mixture thickens and looks like syrup,  the pods are removed, and the syrup mixture is then poured into wooden moulds and cooled. The Pastelli is malliable and is then stretched and pulled till it’s colour changes to a coppery bronze. The Pastelli or Carob Toffee resembles what we would call toffee in the UK, although on tasting I found the Pastelli melted in the mouth – delicious !

Funny enough, the Curator/Owner previously lived in Scotland for many years !