To get us into that Christmas spirit, we have illustrated some Christmas cards for you to print at home. The cards are designed to fit into a C6 envelope (approx. 114mm x 162mm).  Ideal for adults and kids school friends too !

All you need to do is print the design(s) onto a separate A4 sheet of card (210mm x 297mm), then cut out carefully with scissors or a craft knife, and fold in half to finish your card.

C6 envelopes are readily available in supermarkets and stationers and we’ve even seen them in your local post office.


Merry Christmas Angel Greeting Card | Peace on Earth Angel Greeting Card

Hints and tips for printing.

  • Print the file as is, do not “fit to page”, scale or change the size when printing, as the cards will then not fit into a C6 envelope.
  • Make sure the card you choose to print the file onto is suitable for your printer.
  • Preferably choose a white card to print the file onto.
  • The file(s) work best if you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
  • Colours may vary depending on the type of card and printer/inks used to print the file.