Handmade Christmas Cards

We have been making our Christmas cards this year. Well, I say this year like it’s never happened before, truth is we always hand-make the Christmas cards. This year we couldn’t make up our mind what design to use on the cards, so over the last week we have been flat-out making various cards, to eventually choose a reindeer design. I say we but really Elaine makes the majority of the cards, I throw in my two bits worth every now and then ! Anyway, I must admit I really like the naive stenciled approach and the way she has used the gold paint and glitter. When the light catches the cards they really glisten and stand out. Christmas is just around the corner – can’t wait !

Work in Progress

Cards, cards, cards

Nearly a herd of Reindeer


  1. Those are great cards! Nice stencil, how many cards did you end up making?

  2. Hi There, thanks for stopping by. Not entirely sure Lovable Style, there are reindeer everywhere. There are now reindeer on sweetie bags for our Christmas guests and on our Christmas tree, I think a herd is developing !

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