I am beginning to believe that I spend far too much time with art and food – but hey !

Today the snow changed a few of our plans so, Elaine put her spare-time to good use and made Chili Jelly Jam from a recipe by Nigella Lawson for Christmas. The Chelly has a fantastic glistening red glow and is flecked with chili and red pepper. It is a luxurious accompaniment to cold meats and has a kick that bites !

As I looked at the colourful pots on the table I couldn’t help but think of the bold and vibrant art by Judith I Bridgland.

The little jeweled flecks in the jam reminding me of the abstraction in Judith’s painting. The fiery yet sweet taste of the Chelly engulfing me in the visual warmth and comfort of the Scottish countryside through anothers eyes.

What more could one wish for than an afternoon of good home-made food and Scottish art !

January, Loch Arklet Giclee Fine Art Print
by Judith I Bridgland

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