Saturday. We had visitors and because the weather was glorious. It just made you want to be out and about. So, 6 of us squeezed ourselves into a vehicle and trundled off on an adventure.

I am not sure who had the best time. David surely enjoyed the new Hummer at the adventure park, mind you so did the rest of us ! The gardens and the views as always spectacular, although some blooms were a little past their best – the vibrant colours still amazed us.

This little jaunt was a welcome change to the amount of work we have been doing to ready ourselves for our new website. Most of our days are filled with questions – How will that work for the customer ? How will the new images look on-line ? What are the website company doing for us this week ? Is there anything we need to have ready for the website company ? Are we still on schedule ?  We could go on . . .  but we always seem to manage to get there. All this combined with VAT, Accounts, the daily running of a business and most importantly to keep fulfilling our customers orders !

Another new adventure we are also considering (which means we get some free time to work on something else) is to use a copywriting service. We have jotted down ideas and what we want to say to our customers, but sometimes it’s better to take advice, so we are in the process of getting some !

So what’s next on the list, SKU’s, spreadsheets, learning how to use the content management system for the website and new products. As for new products . .  there is certainly a few. Notepads, coasters, calendars and posters and best of all new works of art, from our new and existing artists !

Hope to see you again soon and we will keep you posted and let you know when the new site is launched, bye for now.

Elaine and David.