A dramatic scene from John Harris of the Three Sisters, Glencoe. This Giclee Fine Art Print reminds me of when I was younger and camped with a group of friends near this vista. I remember sitting round the campfire and watching the light fade, and as it did, the Sisters demeanour changed from captivating to devilish in a matter of minutes.

Over the last twenty years John has broadened his work to include a whole range of styles and content, but he remains firmly embedded in what he calls “Imaginative Realism”.

At the beginning of his career, his style of painting most closely resembled that of John Martin, the English Victorian painter of immense canvases, usually depicting scenes of Biblical catastrophe, such as The Fall of Nineveh. One particular painting, The Last Man, produced in the artist, a powerful sense of recognition. Although it lacked the melodramatic content of the better known works, the haunting atmosphere and sense of space in the piece, was something with which he identified and is something which often recurs in the work. In terms of technique, the smoothness and fineness of detail in Martin’s work (a typical characteristic of Victorian painting) was an aspect which John instinctively recognised as militating against the raw power of the content, and over the intervening years he has struggled to move away from it.

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The Three Sisters Giclee Fine Art Print by John Harris