How many times do you get home and suddenly realise you have forgotten to buy milk or bread. There it was for a fleeting moment at the forefront of your brain and then poof !  The thought is gone. Well, perhaps that’s  just me. But one thing I do find handy to assist my memory for future reference is my trusty note-book.

I, of course am bias, because online we have a fantastic range of pocket note books . Laterly, I have come to see the sense in writing things down, even if at the time I think I won’t forget it. I have heard these times of forgetfulness called, “senior moments”, but I don’t class myself at the age of being  “senior”, contrary to what friends and family tell me !

So, a handy pocket note book to me that’s trendy and easily accessible, makes me feel much better about my “senior moments”. It also simplifies the process for me, because it frees me from trying to remember where I put my iPhone or remembering my laptop password, or to set a reminder, email myself or if I charged these accessories before I can do any of the aforementioned. I just simply jot it down it in my little note pad and there it is. Now, if only I could find my pen !


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