New Arrival Card Illustrated by Clare Mackie

Greeting cards that are Shrimply Marvellous ! Who could resist your cheerful message received from you, in one of our birth announcement and congratulation cards. Each beautifully illustrated by Clare Mackie.

Sometimes there is nothing nicer that to have a hand-written message inside your card. Perhaps that’s a bit old-fashioned these days with computers and printers making life easy for us. But, just sometimes, when you have taken the time to compose a few lines to family and friends it can make the world of difference to them.

What on earth would I write inside the cards, I hear you ask. Well, we at the Bay Attic have already posted about wording for Birth Announcements and you can use these wording ideas too !

Chirpy Baby Greeting Card by Clare Mackie

Tadpole Cheer Greeting Card by Clare Mackie