Can you survive without your mobile phone ? Can you imagine not owning a mobile phone ?

If these words give you sweaty palms and the colour drains from your face as you read this post, then I can only assume that you are of a younger generation than me, and not had the pleasure of living before the mobile invention or that you are an email and mobile phone hound, who could not possibly conceive a world without such a handy device.

If you constantly checking your iPhone for email, texts and calls, then turn away from the screen NOW and DO NOT read any further.

If, on the other handy your natural curiosity compels you to read further, then you have been warned !

I personally like the idea of being detached and unobtainable – I (at times) am one of those people who has a mobile but doesn’t necessarily keep it switched on. So, you can imagine my delight when I saw “An Outside Line” and “Immobile Phone“, by artist Lin Pattullo.

An Outside Line Giclee Art Print
by Lin Pattullo

These images from Lin contain an iconic British symbol and let me romanticise about my childhood holidays on islands like Barra in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and Stornoway. Of a time when you had to walk in to the village to be able to use the phone.

Today, there are still lozenged red boxes for telecommunication dotted around the UK landscape, all be it, they are not as important in ones daily activities as they used to be, with the globalisation of the pocket mobile phone !

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