What’s the first thing you do in readiness for the Festive Season ? Think about your Christmas Menu ? Wonder if you have enough room for everyone ? Decide to go on Vacation instead or panic ? Personally, I usually sigh and think how quickly the year has flown by, because it just cannot be December again ! Then, I check my Christmas card list, make sure my addresses are up to date and ponder over what type of greeting I would like to send to my family and friends. After that I go with the flow, and generally everything falls into place by Christmas Eve.

My intention most years, is to make my own cards, but I always buy a few packs or individual cards, just incase. Mind you, one year I will probably not have to make cards, as my “just incase” card stock is growing in such number that I am pretty sure there shall be enough eventually, for all my recipients¬† !

If, like me, you are planning ahead for December 25th, let me show you some of our greeting cards for Christmas, they may come in handy . . . just incase !

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Cards shown: Winter Blues Glenshee Greeting Card by Colin Robertson, Blackface Sheep Under a Starry Sky Greeting Card by Lesley McLaren, Christmas Mice Greeting Card by Clare Mackie, Penguin Family Greeting Card by Clare Mackie, Highland Cows Under a Snowy Sky by Lesley McLaren, Red Christmas Greeting Card by Bay Attic, Rushing Moose Greeting Cards by clare Mackie and Santas Christmas Laundry Greeting Card by Bay Attic.

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