Choosing Giclées and art prints is a personal choice, but just in case you are not sure where to start when looking to buy for your home, here’s a list of 5 things to consider.

Kelvingrove Giclee Fine Art Print by Sheila Tandy

Kelvingrove Giclee Fine Art Print by Sheila Tandy


Make sure you have enough wall space to hang your picture.

  • Check the size of the art print.
  • Check the size of the mount and frame – this may be over and above the size of the print.
  • Measure the potential space on your wall to see if, when mounted and framed the print will fit.

If you really love the art print but, it is too big/small.

  • Check with the gallery to see if the giclée is available in another size.


If you are purchasing a giclée to compliment your decor or add a finishing touch to a room, colour can play an important part in your decision.

  • Think if you will be happy with the print as a focal point ?
  • Does the print accent colours in your decor ?
  • Does it clash with your decor ?
  • Could the print be lost against my patterned wallpaper ?
  • Will the print be like the original art ?

When we print a giclée, we reproduce the image with high quality, archival quality inks and papers. The prints are very detailed and keep a great faithfulness to the original.


Consider the room where you hang the giclée.

  • Is the location very bright and gets a lot of sun throughout the day ?

A litho. print will start to fade within a few months of being hung on the wall, but a giclée is printed with archival quality pigment inks. This type of ink – apart from giving the giclée a true colour representation to the original artwork, won’t fade and will have a lifespan of over 50 years. The paper a giclée is printed on is usually Ph neutral, this means that the paper won’t turn yellow with age.

  • Consider – non reflective glass.

This will reduce reflected light on the glass – which makes it easier for you to admire your giclee.

  • Is the giclee in a room with high moisture or heat ?

Consider the type of room where the print will be on view. Hanging a giclée in a room with a lot of moisture or heat could mean it gets damaged by condensation, soot or grease.

Subject Matter

Think about the art print you wish to buy.

  • Consider the subject matter – is right for you ?
  • Does the subject suit your home ?
  • Can you live with it ?
  • Is it too modern for your style or too traditional ?

Is the imagery in the giclée appropriate for the room and for you ?


  • Is their a particular artist’s style of work colour pallet or imagery that you like ?
  • Is your choice of art to make a statement in your home ?
  • Is the art a co-ordinated choice to compliment your decor.
  • What colour and style of frame do I want ?


  • When a giclée print is framed, it usually has a mount around the image and then the frame.
  • Think about the colour of mount, as well as frame choice.
  • Mounts can be single mounts, double, double mounts, or slip mounts to name but a few.
  • Frames are available in various thicknesses, colours and styles.
  • Consider Perspex instead of glass when getting your giclee framed.

Talk to your local framer about your thoughts on how you would like your print framed, they will have plenty of experience and knowledge to help you make the best choice.