Poster(ˈpəʊstə) a large printed picture, used for decoration

The humble poster has risen from a tool to be used to attract attention to promote a product or service, to a mass produced lithographic art in itself. Posters as we know them, date back to around 1870, when the print industry began to perfect the use of colour and be able to produce posters in large quantities.

Robs Cats Open Edition Lithographic Art Poster
by Rob Hain

As well as educating and  informing us,  posters have been used to communicate political views, or by the protester to action their cause. The poster has been a medium to distribute  propaganda, or in total contrast act as an attractive informative travel poster at the railway station, but the realm of the poster does not stop there ! The poster and it’s design has become an art in its own right.

Today, it is common to see posters advertising the latest movie, pop group, or event.

Poster design has been influenced by advances in technology and the printing process, by art movements such as Art Nouveau, Cubism, and Bauhaus and by the commercial need to deliver a message. In today’s modern culture the poster is also a medium to reproduce some of the great artists work from these art movements that influenced its use and evolve the poster to what we see today.

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