Father's Day Sunday 19th June 2011

Father’s Day is on Sunday June 19th, for 2011 and a fantastic time for Dad’s, as well as kids young and old to use their imagination to make a gift for Dad.

As kids grow, Father’s Day gifts are more likely to be purchased or chosen based on Dad’s hobbies and pastimes, or special treats, but when children are of school age they love to show their appreciation by using their creative skills to write, draw, colour, paint and make something truly special for Dad.

Using a sheet of A4 card and folding in half, then a picture of Daddy draw with tiny hands, a few scrawled words, or even a collage on one side and then a hilariously spelt poem on the other side, are great ideas to make into Father’s Day cards. And as they grow the knitting attempts, and pottery shapes or painted glass objects and shovels made in Tech. class is a must for Father’s Day gifts.

I remember fondly, that my Dad had a drawer full of all the little nick-nacks that I had made from Primary School, for Father’s Day, Christmas and just because he’s my Dad.

What would Dad like for Father’s Day this year ?

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