Nothing new there then with the Scottish weather. Today’s forecast.

  • Today: Rain in northern Scotland will become heavier in the morning, with the wind strengthening occasionally reaching gale force. Elsewhere, cloudy to start with drizzle in the west, but the cloud will thin and break by the afternoon. Feeling warmer.

How I relish today’s forecast, since we have such a cheery outlook with Brolly Dollies by Marion Aide, looking fabulous !

I can only hope that when I reach this age I will be as colourful and glamourous as these delightful OAP’s ! Roll on the blue rince – lol!

Brolly Dollies – Signed Limited Edition Giclee Print
by Marion Aide.

Brolly Dollies Signed Limited Edition Giclee Art Print by Marion Adie

Marion Adie Art | Bay Attic | Colour