Most girls love shoes. Some more than others. Some regard shoes a functionality and purely to protect and support feet, others think shoes are a work of art and for some , shoes are their decorative passion !

Stiletto, Sling-back, Wedge, Mary Jane, Ballet, Flip-flop, Flat’s, Pumps, Boots, Platforms, the list (and the designers) goes on and on.

So, if you are a diva for shoes, and keep a wardrobe only for shoes, handbags and accessories that need to go with the shoes when you buy a new pair ! Here’s the perfect accompaniment to hang in pride of place to mark your shoe achievements. Show everyone just how Purr-fect your style is with this glamorous Shoe Kitty Art.

Shoe Kitty Art Print
by Clare Mackie

Shoe Kitty is available as an art print, mounted art print and a mounted and framed art print.

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